Kids Run Free…

…in Our 5K (See Terms/Conditions Below)!


Do you have an eager young runner in your household? This year we are offering free registration for our 5K race to children under 12 who are accompanied by a paid participating adult. To take advantage of this, please contact us with your (the adult’s) name and registration confirmation code, and we’ll send you a discount code for a free child registration. Please note this cannot be combined with any other offers (i.e., the adult needs to pay full price), and the adult is responsible for supervising the child during the race – so make sure you can keep up with the kiddo!


Are you involved with a group/team of young (under 12) runners? We’d love to have them participate in our 5K race (along with some supervising adults)! Similar to what we mentioned above, we’ll offer you at least one free kid’s entry for every full-price adult registration. We may be able to do better…please contact us with a brief introduction of your group and (equally as important to us) a quick description of your plan for supervising kids during the race.

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